Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ambassador-designate highlights Minnesota-Uruguay ties in testimony

Dr. Nury Bauzan, the general counsel of Uruguay in Chicago, made us aware of an article in El Observador today which references Minnesota. The new US ambassador-designate, Julissa Reynoso, listed Minnesota as the first place in the US she'd look to for collaboration with Uruguay in her written testimony on Capitol Hill. The newspaper article covers a question from Sen. Lugar about international collaboration (see text below). Reynoso also mentions sustainable housing in her testimony--some of our readers may recall that John Carmody, the University of Minnesota's Center for Sustainable Building, traveled through Partners in 2010 on a very successful project grant on that very topic...

"I wish to highlight that I would look first to the state of Minnesota as a possible partner for Uruguayan institutions, given the existing connections with numerous academic and research institutions and the high interest in sustainable urban development in Minneapolis. Additionally, the University of Minnesota with its strong agricultural base would be a natural fit for cooperation with Uruguay's leading universities."