Friday, June 15, 2012

The Passing of Ed Slettom

A sad but inspiring note was received this week by longtime Minnesota-Uruguay Partners member KiKi Gore...

"I think that by now you might have heard of the recent (June 4) death of Ed Slettom, just three days after his wife Iris died. He was an early and strong member of Partners, a fine, fine, man and, along with Iris, good friends of ours since we moved into the house next door to them 40 years ago. We could not have had better friends, parent substitutes in a way, and gems, both of them...Partners owes a great deal of its early success to the Slettoms."

We received similar notes expressing sadness over the passing of Ed Slettom from past presidents Stan and Darlene Diesch, David Pace and Roger Moon, who provided the photo above of the founders and early supporters of the chapter, taken March 9, 1966, in Washington, DC. The photo includes the future United States Vice President, Walter Mondale; future Minnesota Governor Al Quie; future Minneapolis Mayor and Congressman Don Fraser; future presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy and other notable figures in our state's history.

An obituary for both Ed and Iris mentioning their work with Minnesota-Uruguay Partners ran in the Minnesota newspapers. Services scheduled for July 24 at Glen MN Community Church at 1 PM and July 26 St. Anthony Park UCC at 2 PM in St. Paul.

Photo: L–R: Congressman Don Fraser; Senator Eugene McCarthy; Clifford Whitehill, General Mills; Stan Wenberg, Vice President, U of MN; Otto Christenson, MN Employers Association; Congressman Clark MacGregor; Congressman Al Quie; Uruguayan Ambassador to USA,Juan Feljpe Yriart; Speed Stone, Bravo Foods; Senator Walter F. Mondale; Denis Daly, Peat, Marvick Mitchell; Gerald Forbes, MN Dept of Agriculture; Ed Slettom, MN Association of Cooperatives; Congressman Odin Langen; Howard Nelson, U of MN Industrial Education.

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